And off the grid we go

For the next six weeks, I will not have access to internet or phone…or really anything needing a power outlet.

For someone who wakes up to NYTimes on her iPhone, leaves not one tweet unchecked, Flipboards before bed, engrossed in tech startups on the daily for the past 3 years, with heavy doses of 200+ email onslaughts per day, this will be quite the foreign experience.  

It’s one of UofM’s great hidden gems–the New England Literature Program.  6 weeks, 8 credits of 3 classes, 40 incredible people, and 3+ mountains to climb.  

I’m a nervous, excited, scared shitless tangle of energy.  

I’m excited to correspond with friends by snail mail, to lay my fingers over not a backlit keyboard, but a typewriter, to spend time outdoors, to be in tune with a world without screens, to think, to write, to reflect.

I think more than missing any device, service, or habit, I’ll miss my family.  

Letters and mail are more than welcome, in the meantime!  Feel free to write to:

c/o NELP
P.O. Box 998
Raymond, Maine 04071