Opportunity Cost and the 4th Dimension

Econ 101 tells us it’s the foundation between scarcity and choice.

Intuition and gut tells us it’s what we want more.

We’re faced with infinite choices on a day-to-day basis, from the minute our alarm clocks thunderously announce the day, to our tired tumble under the covers after a long day…or not.  Depends what you’re willing to give up.

What textbooks and teachers alike often forget, however, is the factor of time.  Sure, you might give up producing fewer guns for more butter, you might take in a few more dollars by selling this new product line versus continuing an old one, but we forget to ask ourselves…how often is this event going to happen again? 

Whether it’s sacrificing a few days out of your week before two exams to attend the 2012 Startup Weekend Organizers Summit, or dragging yourself out of a few hours of productivity to grab coffee with a potential sales lead, seize moments that are scarce, not simply tangible goods or returns.  If the Summit only happens once a year, the only time you’ll see the greatest people you’ve ever met in one place, or when you’re only in the same town as Sarah once every five months, then get on it.  Chances like these are the ones dreamers look back and say, “if only I had…” or “we almost…"  Should have, could have, would have.   Don’t let yourself say any of those words down the line.

It’s these moments that create stories, build bonds, and take ideas like Zaarly and launch them into action.  They’re moments that can help you find a job.  They’re moments, settings, people, and places you can never reconstruct

So.  Are you going to be a would’ve, could’ve, should’ve kind of person, or are you going to say, ”and that’s where we did this"?