3 Years Strong

Earlier this fall, I found myself quietly taking note of my half birthday–marking six (!) more months left as a 19-year-old.  I took note of many changes: where I live, who I surround myself with, where I’ve been, what I’ve learned, goals fulfilled and goals still just that–goals. 

One of my favorite authors, Philip Delves Broughton, once told me that you are who are you by 18.  I generally agree.  I still feel the same.  My interests are similar, and though certain ideas and things have lost the old shiny newness they once held–my attraction to them can no longer be seen as fleeting, instead now more a long-term relationship tied to the fabric of who I’ve become.  One element that remains constant is Startup Weekend. 

This weekend we celebrate and commence another weekend of ideas and companies coming to life at Startup Weekend Ann Arbor III.  3 years ago, I was probably as crazy as I am today.  In the first 14 weeks of freshman year, alongside my dearest partner-in-crime Dan Lee, we raised over $5k to run this.  Since then, we’ve seen 10+ companies come through every year, over 150 pitches circulate, and countless supporters from Boston, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and beyond.  We’ve seen classes of students come and go, scores of morning nerves and midnight epiphanies.  It never gets old. 

Many thanks to everyone who continually make this possible for the greater Michigan community.  Thanks for believing in a crazy 17-year-old, thanks for believing in Startup Weekend, thanks for saying yes to this roller coaster ride. 

P.S. Another ride is currently under construction.  Details to come soon :)